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Why the 501(C3) will take us to the next level

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The Atheist Community of Lubbock has been working tirelessly for the last year to obtain our 501(C3) Tax status. What this means is that we will be officially categorized as a registered nonprofit, and that comes with a lot of perks! Here are a few things we are looking forward to being able to do:

  • Any donations that come in can be written off as a tax deduction on the donors taxes. This will allow us to ask for different types of donations beyond monetary such as goods worth a certain dollar amount.

  • Volunteers will be able to log their hours as official volunteer hours with a non profit organization. This means we will be able to host people who need volunteer hours for school or court mandated service hours.

  • Help support organized social clubs at the college for more participation.

  • Apply for grants and larger donations from corporations

  • Start offering joint membership to American Atheists to anyone who pays their yearly dues.

These are all huge leaps forward in expanding our group, and sparking even more positive change in our community! Your continued support is vital to the health of our group, and we thank you so very much for your contributions!

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