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Lubbock Atheists to appear on KLBK News!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Tracey Benefield is at it again, taking another spot on KLBK, discussing her upcoming invocation at the January 10, 2019 city counsel meeting.

Another exciting development for the Atheists of Lubbock, Tracey Benefield appears on KLBK News to discuss the upcoming January city counsel meeting invocation. The spot is extremely important as the voice of Atheists can now be heard in many more homes, hopefully sparking more discussion and education on the subject. The entertaining two minute spot is brilliant at capturing both the sensible and calm nature of the Atheist as well as the confusion and theatrical opposition towards change in our community. The invocation is set for January 10, 2019, The Atheists of Lubbock welcome anyone who would like to attend. If you'd like to watch this spot on KLBK, please follow the link below.

"We're not here to cause a ruckus, we're not here to start some kind of protest, we're here simply to be involved in our community the same way everybody else is."
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