Lubbock Atheist to give invocation at city council meeting, 1.10.19

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Lubbock's city council meeting on January 10, 2019 will be a major turning point for the city's attitude towards Atheists. This historic moment will give Atheists in the community a chance to stand and show their religious and non religious neighbors who they truly are. Tracey Benefield, the Communications and Public Relations Director of the Lubbock Atheists group, plans to advocate for the continued use of good moral judgement, cooperation, and open mindedness from the city counsel members. The Atheists of Lubbock are excited at this amazing chance to be a part of the betterment of our society! If you would like to attend this meeting please see below for details!.

City Council Meeting
January 10, 2019
1625 13th st.
Lubbock, Tx

come support the Atheists of Lubbock!


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