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Atheists of Lubbock creates new T-Shirts for amazing Volunteers!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

It's here folks! If you haven't already pre-ordered your T-shirt for The National Day of Reason Community Service Project, then act fast! April 6th marks the National Day of Reason, and to celebrate this amazing day, The Atheists of Lubbock will be putting together then handing out plates of food to the homeless!

We hope to not only ease the tension of finding a day's meal for as many Lubbock's homeless as possible, but also spread awareness that Atheists are compassionate and loving human beings. Each person who wears their shirt adds to the message that we are a strong and organized group of people in the community.

We strive to create equality and social acceptance for all groups of people in our community, and hope that this service project will be another step forward in the normalization of our many differences as a society! To order your shirt, simply print this form and bring it to one of our many Atheists events!

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