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Atheists deliver aid to those experiencing homelessness.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Last week the Atheist Community of Lubbock handed out care packages to 30 individuals experiencing homelessness on the south plains. The effort is part of the ACL's ongoing outreach initiative called "No Strings Attached". This program began in 2019 with the ACL's homeless outreach resource fair. The fair was able to bring many organizations together to provide not only hygiene items, coats and blankets, but to also educate people on the resources available to them, where to find help and how to qualify. The incredibly successful event led the executive team to develop further programs under the "No Strings Attached" initiative that fill a gap in services for those who are non-religious or for those who do not qualify for other programs. However with Covid-19 becoming an increasing concern for the Lubbock area, a large scale resource fair was set aside for a smaller effort.

The care packages given out by ACL volunteers last week were made possible by the wonderful donors who support the ACL as well as a local coven, The Crooked Key Circle, who donated 15 bags of items which included socks, gloves, heating pads, scarves and various other items. Planned Parenthood also helped by providing chapsticks and condoms. Each bag contained approximately $30 worth of items including a blanket, hygiene items, first aid items, a hat, gloves, tarp, reusable water bottle, and a non-perishable food. Coats, sweaters and jackets were also made available for those who needed them.

The ACL is committed to continue it's efforts to provide a secular source of kindness on the south plains that serves all people regardless of background, ethnicity, or religion and plans to continue delivering services to those experiencing homelessness.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please direct them to the ACL's assistance page

And if you would like to help the ACL continue this program, please consider donating or purchasing supplies.

Become a donor:

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