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ACL remembers Addison Perry Franks

On Friday January 1st 2021, the south plains lost a valuable community advocate and ACL member when 39 year old Addison Perry-Franks passed away. Last year, Addison became the first transgender woman to win a democratic primary in Texas House District 84. Though she came from a humble background and did not have as many resources as her opponent, she had grit and determination on her side. Addison was born in Big Spring Texas but lived the majority of her life in Snyder. Addison made a living as a small business owner repairing electronics and appliances and providing for her wife and their 5 children. She was a loving, kind, devoted partner and mother whose priority was always making her community a more fair and prosperous place.

Addison believed that all people in her district should be represented equally. She was an advocate for LGBTQ rights and invested her time, money, and energy back into the community she was committed to serving. Addison advocated for better representation of people who come from diverse economic circumstances, believing that people should be able to serve as leaders of their community no matter their background, identity, or religion.

Addison took a personal approach to her campaign and spent time getting to know the people in her community. Whether she was speaking to a group of voters, or volunteering to help feed the homeless, Addison’s compassion and courage was always evident.

Though she lost the general election against Dustin Burrows, she inspired record voter turnout in her county and demonstrated what could be possible for progressives on the south plains looking to change the landscape of our community.

Addison was a an incredible advocate for religious equality. She and her family assisted the ACL in our homeless outreach projects, donated clothing, supplies and their time to help us serve those in need. Addison believed that every person should feel safe, secure and accepted in their community and she worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality.

Addison led the way and her indomitable spirit has left an impression on myself and the many people whose lives she managed to touch. Her memory will live on in each of us as we move forward and contemplate how we can give back and make our community stronger and more vibrant, just as she would want us to.

Addison is survived by her wife Lacey and their five children. Her sudden passing has been a shock to their family. If you would like to help Lacey with expenses, please consider donating to their fundraiser.

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