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How did you become an atheist?
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Jan 04, 2022
My story starts with a fascination of mythology. In the town I grew up in Oklahoma, religion was a big deal. I was taken to a Baptist church where I had trouble with being damned to hell no matter what I did. Then in 5th grade, in our little school library, I found a series of books called "Mythology Around The World." It discussed mythology from different areas of the world: Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Roman, Chinese, India and lots more. I became entranced by the thought that at one time people believed their gods were real. So I asked the question, "What if all gods are just mythology?" I was not allowed back to Sunday school for that question. I visited my friend's Catechism Classes and got introduced to the Catholic beliefs. I continued my journey looking for the truth. I joined a Methodist church, which was not as bad as the Baptist church, but still no answer to my question. I was in Desert Storm when I lost any faith I had. So I was an atheist in the foxhole. Critical thinking classes in college cemented the idea for me. Now when asked I prefer the term Humanist because no one understands what it means and I get to explain my lack of faith to them. My wife worries about discrimination a lot more than I do. She tells me I need to keep it quiet but I do not roll that way. I am listed on the Secular Therapist website as the only secular counselor in West Texas. I see many religious people and inform them on the first session that I do not subscribe to any religious beliefs for counseling and prefer evidence based treatments. So far, no issues. I know it was a lot to read but thank you for doing so.


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