Lubbock Atheists to march in July 4th Parade

As the city of Lubbock gears up to celebrate everything it means to be american, the Atheists are excited to be included in the festivities! This year the Atheist community of Lubbock will be marching in the parade, ready to be seen by all of Lubbock! We will show off our American pride by paying tribute to little known great american heroes who happen to be Atheist. Heroes such as Pat Tillman. Pat was a professional NFL player who decided to join the military after 9/11 and tragically lost his life in 2004 to friendly fire. Other honorees include Robert Ingersoll a Illinois Attorney General and Union soldier who was a renowned orator in his time and fought to discredit blasphemy laws in the united states.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton who was an abolitionist and one of the first women rights activists in america. Gerda Lerner and American historian who pioneered the field of women studies.

The lesson here is that America is a great tapestry of culture and beliefs and we can not forget the in-numerous contributions that Atheists have made to our great nation. We can not wait to show all of Lubbock our pride in our country!


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